Why choose an automatic gate

Why choose an automatic gate, The most practical solution to open and close the home gate is certainly to have an automatic gate. An automatic gate for every need.

Here are some excellent reasons:

The automatic gate is the most practical and fastest solution to open and close the gate of your home or business, pressing a button on the remote control, entering a code, or with a classic key.
The convenience of opening the gate directly from inside your car and avoiding in many cases rain and adverse weather conditions are certainly one of the main reasons to opt for this type of gate.
So why choose an automatic gate? The answer is simple because it means making your daily routine easier by saving time and effort. But we must carefully study the type of gate that is perfect for each context.
To make a choice it is also necessary to define the frequent or less frequent use of the gate. Thus three types of gates are
• A residential gate that is used a few times a day and therefore can be operated with a lighter opening system;
• Condominium gate that has a more frequent use, multiplied by all the condominiums;
• Gate with intensive use that goes up to a hundred times a day, and consequently needs a more resistant engine : 
Once the frequency of use has been defined, the gate must be chosen between two types, choosing the one that meets your
• The automatic sliding gate which has a rack where the structure moves on wheels, opening a passage that leaves the
passage free, perfect to be mounted outside a house;
• The automatic swing gate is formed by two doors that open thanks to the electric motor or the motor with hydraulic
actuators, for very large gates and with considerable weight. The power of the motor is directly proportional to the size and weight of the gate, and its resistance must be studied based on the frequency of use.
The advantage of choosing an automatic gate lies in the wide variety of choices and the thousand possibilities of use that adapt to all the possibilities of space and conditions of use.
Furthermore, considering the space available and the frequency of use is essential to have a product that effectively meets its needs, thus avoiding unnecessary investments. For your automatic gate choose Royal Electronic.

We have been working for over 28 years in the field of automatic gates, offering our customers a wide variety of gates and all
accessories such as remote controls, photocells, antennas, digital keyboards, flashing lights, etc.
We supply and install automation for automatic doors, gates, barriers, overhead doors, sectional doors, garage doors, and shutters. We focus on the quality of our services and for this reason, we produce our gates exclusively with raw materials elements within our company, to guarantee a qualitatively valid and long-lasting product. We can offer you a complete service, from the choice of the gate to the assembly and we will always be present, guaranteeing your assistance and maintenance after the purchase.

How do the photocells (Safety Sensors) of the automatic gate work?

Automatic gates work thanks to an electric motor and photocells that receive signals and detect obstacles, activating or stopping the gate opening and closing process.

How do the photocells work for your automatic gate?

Specifically, the photocells for the automatic gate are devices installed near the automatic gate, which do not allow the gate to close if their range of action is obscured by the presence of a person or a car.
There are at least two photocells for automatic gates, and they are placed in a straight line to check the presence of obstacles along the entire length of the gate.

The photocells are positioned one in front of the other, as one is programmed to send the signal to the second which in turn directly transmits the input to block the movement of the gate in the presence of obstacles.
The photocell called the transmitter, has an LED that sends infrared signals to the other photocell receiver that detects the input. When the second photocell fails to see the infrared light it immediately sends a signal to the control unit, forcing the automation to stop.
Using infrared light with a frequency that the human eye cannot see is a choice designed to prevent sunlight from interfering and sending incorrect signals to the photocells.

The alignment of the photocells of the automatic gate is calculated so that in this certain position both the two photocells and the automatism of the gate are hindered by cars or people passing near the moving gate.
The assembly of the photocells of the automatic gate foresees the perfectly inline positioning of the two sensors that must be placed at the same height. In the assembly phase, the recommended height is 50 cm from the ground to easily solve the problem of remote alignment.

Both photocells must be connected to the electric current, but only the transmitter, which sends the command, must also be connected to the control unit through a specific photocell cable. In any case, it is preferable to contact competent personnel to correctly mount the photocells and avoid creating problems for the entire system.
As for the maintenance of the photocells, it is very important to regularly check the operation because the latter could be damaged even by a simple storm. In the condition in which the photocells are only dirty or obstructed by leaves or plants, simply clean them to restore correct operation; instead, if you continue to encounter problems it is good to do more in-depth checks by contacting us.

Even if they are no longer perfectly aligned, the photocells stop working correctly, but in this case, they just need to be repositioned correctly to restore their activity.

Royal Electronic has many products for swing gates, sliding gates, overhead and sectional doors, road barriers, rolling shutters, sliding doors, and all automation accessories.
We have built-in wall-mounted photocells with included batteries or mirror photocells. The best of our products are produced in Italy is of the highest quality.

If you are looking for “automatic gate photocells” you will not be worried, our wide range of photocells for gates assures you the possibility of finding the product that fits your budget.

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Royal Electronics Technology Center Co (Royal Gates) using the best gate automation technicians can repair the driveway gate operators.

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