Automation for articulated arm swing driveway gates

Automation for articulated arm swing driveway gates

We have already analyzed swing gates in general. Now let’s take a more detailed look at a specific type of motor for swing gates that is highly versatile and can adapt to a wide variety of situations: the automation for swing driveway gates with an articulated arm.

Swing driveway gates can have one or two leaves depending on the chosen type and model.
Consequently, two automation units will have to be installed if the gate has two leaves.
Remember to always take into account an important factor that involves the maneuver area: swing gates need a certain amount of space to be moved, which could cause some inconveniences if this is not considered.
The name already reveals the distinctive feature of articulated-arm gates: its main component is characterized by a sturdy metal arm, the ends of which are secured, on one side, to the gate leaf and, on the other side, to the automation system’s drive unit.

Why choose a swing driveway gate motor with an articulated arm?

The major difference compared to a piston motor, besides the clear construction difference, has to do with the installation and assembly procedure: articulated-arm motors are suitable for any type of gate.
Articulated-arm motors are highly recommended when the priority is to avoid altering the aesthetic appearance of the gate and of the pillars or walls to which it is anchored, especially outdoors.
As with other automation units, the elements to be considered include:
*The post’s dimensions and the distance between the edge of the posts to the middle of the driveway gate hinges
*The type of swing gate (one or two leaves)
*The dimensions of each leaf in terms of the weight, length, and Structure (also consider the wind resistance)
*Types of hinges on which the gate moves
*Frequency of the opening/closing cycles

A correct analysis of these elements is essential to ensure an optimal installation that will work without creating any inconveniences.

For this reason, it is crucial to always inspect the different products shown on our website before deciding which type of automation to use or starting the installation.

Driveway gate motor with articulated arms

We have many different brands, models, and capacities of articulated arms for the swing gates in our company’s stock.
For example, Key Automation and VDS propose two types of automation units with articulated arms, both of an extremely high-quality standard and each with specific characteristics that make them suited to any need.
Some of them can be installed even on large-size pillars without any problems; this automation unit is specifically designed to ensure high durability thanks to its extremely sturdy design.
Given its dimensions, Key Automation is extremely discreet but this does not influence its ability to move leaves measuring up to 5 meters.
VDS is protected by a plastic cover with a Gearmotor made up of two sturdy aluminum shells, characterized by an extremely silent movement and an easy and safe release device.
The articulated swing gate operator is specifically studied for working on large pillars with swing gates that have lightweight leaves.
Moreover, the articulated swing gate opener is a very compact and unobtrusive solution, which makes it the ideal choice for homes and high-end complexes, as it preserves the aesthetics without altering it.
Characterized by a larger-size sturdy motor shaft and mechanical gears, it is protected by a non-deformable outer shell and an extremely lightweight and resistant aluminum structure.
Whatever your needs, we at Royal Gates will be able to propose the ideal solution for you.
Contact us for further information if you wish to fit an articulated arm motor on a swing driveway gate. Our staff will be at your disposal.
If you are interested in having an estimate and our recommendations about your driveway gate operators and accessories, please send some clear pictures and dimensions of your driveway gate by text message or email to our company.
You will receive a custom quote with selectable gate openers. We will mark our best recommendations from the listed products and accessories, and also you can choose whatever you like.

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If your location is out of the BC, you can send some pictures from your driveway gate, and the operator by text message or email and call us to get our technician’s suggestions to resolve the issue on your driveway gate opener.

Royal Electronics Technology Center Co (Royal Gates) using the best gate automation technicians can repair the driveway gate operators.

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