Gate Operators

A gate is invaluable to keep your perimeter safe and to give you peace of mind. But if you’re frequently entering and exiting your property, you’ll want an automatic gate opener to expedite the process. A gate opener saves you time and effort, which is especially important if you’re running a business.

At Royal Gates, we sell and install automatic gate openers and operators for all types of gates, with all types of functionality.

Browse our selection of gate openers and operators for residential and commercial gates, sliding and swing gates, and parking barrier gates. We have gate openers compatible with all sizes and lengths of gates that can stand up to the rigors of regular use. Sliding gates, swinging gates, dual-swinging gates, we have it all! 

Modern gate openers are sophisticated and can detect movement to keep you and your vehicles safe from damage. They move smoothly and quickly and shut quickly to prevent the entry of others.

Our gate openers have sophisticated access control methods to keep intruders out, and you decide exactly who gets in. We also sell and install gate openers that are powered by hard wiring, battery, and solar power.

Whatever type of gate opener you require, we have it. Browse our selection today for the best tools to keep your perimeter safe. Find the gate opener you’re looking for today!


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