Price Lists

If you are looking for listed products and prices for gate hardware, driveway gate automation, access control systems, spare parts, and accessories,
We have two different price lists:

A- For the projects that are installed by Royal Gate’s professional technicians, come with a 1-year full warranty.

The warrantied items have:

-Technical services fees: free of charge
-Replacement parts fees: free of charge
-Reprogramming / Update fees: free of charge
-Traveling and shipping fees: free of charge


B- For professional installers (Parts purchase only)

1- A professional installer must install all of the purchased products, and you should perform your diligence to find a professional installer.

2- Please check all of the instructions that are included in the products, before beginning the installation and use.

3- All purchased items are new and tested by the factory. (We can test parts in the store, before pick-up your order)

4- No warranty does not come with the products, and Royal Electronics Technology Center Co disclaims all liability for any damages to your purchased items, during and after the installations.

5- You can contact us to connect with our tech team by making an appointment, to get more information about the installation questions, in case you may need it.

A-Installation Services & 1-Year Warranty Included

Price List

B-Price List For Professional Installers

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