Access Control Systems

Monitoring access to your commercial or residential property is essential to effective home security. Many ways of safeguarding your property require all types of access control methods. At Royal Gate, we have you covered with the best products and the latest technology options. We offer all access control methods for complete integration into your existing or planned security system.

Effective access control doesn’t work in isolation. It needs to be integrated into your overall security system. Only then will you have proper control over who goes in and out of your property. You must always know who enters your home or business, and we give you the tools for making it happen.

At Royal Gate, we have a robust offering of access control products and accessories. We offer a wide variety of digital access control keypads, card access systems, remote control transmitters, proximity access cards, telephone entry systems, fingerprint readers, and intercom systems. Browse our selection to find what is best for your security needs.

Above all, you want the peace of mind that is only afforded to those who have control over their access privileges, and we give you the tools to make it happen. Our state-of-the-art equipment puts your security in your hands, the way it should be.

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