Ten golden rules about your driveway gate

In this article from the Royal Gate website, we reviewed the rules and tips about your driveway gate, which are the golden rules for maintaining entrance gates.

The gate does not work manually.

Before turning your gate into an automated driveway gate, you have to make sure that it can work normally in manual mode. If it shows any signs of an irregular working process, these problems will not just disappear when you turn it into an automated gate.

 Avoid installing automated gates on ascending surfaces.

This position of the ground surface will put a lot of pressure on the automation and you will have to buy some more equipment to make it work. It isn’t impossible but if you can avoid it, we suggest that you do so.

Using the wrong equipment.

Never use equipment that is not specified by the manufacturer of the gate! You have to buy the correct equipment because if you do otherwise and your gate malfunctions, you will not be able to file a complaint and your guarantee will no longer be valid.

Provide drainage if necessary.

If your motor will be installed below the ground surface, you have to provide it with fitting drainage. If the water has nowhere to go, the motor will not function properly.

• Be responsible! Don’t try to install the gate yourself.

If you save some money by not calling a professional for this job, it may end up in a disaster. There are licensed technicians who should install your driveway gate and who will take legal risks for the installation. You don’t want to be taken responsible for a disaster that could have been avoided if you have just called the right person.

Beware of the wind.

If you are living in an area where there is a lot of wind, you would want to think before you pick your future gate. You should then definitely avoid close boarded wooden gates. ‘Open railing’ gate might be a better solution but even this gate will not work perfectly
depending on the strength of the wind.

Gate controllers.

It is really important, as I have stated above, to explain to the technician how and what the gate will be used for. This way the technician will be able to provide you with the best solution for opening and closing of your gate. Choices you will have are vehicle detectors, keypads or card access, radio remote controllers, ground loops or probes, GSM via your mobile phone, or push buttons.

Don’t forget about pedestrians and visitors.

If you don’t have a separate entrance, you will have to think about the ways for pedestrian visitors to enter your estate. There must be a way of letting the household residents know that they are at the entrance. The best solution is usually an intercom. You can add a video camera too. You can choose to use a keypad and also decide whether your gate will open both leaves partially or only one leaf so that pedestrians might enter.

• You have to provide access for regular visitors like postmen, gardeners, etc.

This can be done by a time clock which would decrease security measures on the gate at a specific time of the day and therefore allow specific personas to enter your estate in an easier way.

Total gate security.

If you want to be completely sure that is not possible to forcefully enter through your gate, think about adding some extra locks to the gate or if it is really necessary add some posts in front or behind the gate.


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