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Gearmotor for sliding gates up to 1100 Kg, 24 Vdc, 14A control unit with the electric braking system and limit switches WITH INTEGRATED NIGHT LIGHT SYSTEM. 

Electromechanical gear motor for sliding gates up to 1100 kg:
  • With slowdown function both in opening and closing to preserve gate integrity
  • Electronic and mechanical parts are well protected from external agents
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the horizontal control unit position
  • Built-in LED light
  • High technological materials resistant to weather conditions
  • Gear reduction with extra-large bearing with high performance
  • Extremely silent mechanics, protected by robust die-cast and powder-coated aluminum body
  • With 24 Vdc control unit 14A
  • The release system is ergonomic, efficient, and easily accessible
Included in the Package:
  • 1 x Electromechanical motor
  • 1 x Main control board 14A
  • 4 Meters x SLGR41 Gear rack
  • 2 x Remote control
  • 2 x Manual release key
  • 1 x KUBE


Speed cm/s 20
Torque Nm 38
Duty cycle percentage % 80
Control unit 14A
Voltage Vac 120
AC Voltage Frequency Hz 50/60
Nominal current A 1,8
Nominal power W 360
Appliance isolation class I
Degree of protection IP 44
Dimensions (L – D – H) mm 330 – 210 – 300
Item kg 14,5
Min operating temperature °C -20
Max operating temperature °C +55
Max leaf weight kg 1100
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 105 × 25 × 45 cm


Maximum gate weight

1100 Kg




20 cm/s

Nominal power

360 W


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