No room to slide your gate and limited in the behind to swing?
Bi-fold gates basically allow twice the opening width into half the space.
For example, if you had a four-meter opening but only one meter of the area in which to swing with a standard double swing gate, there is simply here!
Using the bi-fold gate kit allows the four meters to swing neatly into the one-meter area leaving your four meters clear.
Maybe a bi-fold or indeed a pair of bi-fold gates.
This bi-fold gate kit is suitable for openings up to 4 meters wide but obviously, you would save even more room by installing two 2-meter leaves folding back to approximately 1 meter.
Bi-folding gates can be easily automated and the kit comes with the additional hardware to turn your gate into a bi-fold.

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 16 × 10 cm


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