Five Ways to Save Money on Your Automatic Gate Repair

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Automatic Gate Repair

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Automatic Gate Repair are all-important and of course, you get a better result when doing the installation by our team. Electric gates are an excellent way to provide additional security for your driveway and, therefore, your home.


They also look great and since so many different types are available, you can select one that completes the look that you are going for on your property.

This article discusses Five Ways to Save Money on Your Gate Repair.

Having said that, as with any other electric component around your home, there is always the chance that your gate will stop working as it should, leaving you with some repairs.

It might be a situation where the driveway gate won’t open or close, or where it starts making strange noises every time you use it.

No matter what type of problem you run into with your automatic gates, getting them fixed will become a priority, as gates that don’t open or close are basically useless.

When you find yourself in that situation, you’ll want to save as much money as possible on the repair, while still having it fixed professionally by a certified technician that knows these products inside and out.


Let’s look that What are Five Ways to Save Money on Your Automatic Gate Repair:


1) Keep Up With the Maintenance

The first Way to Save Money on Automatic Gate repair: reimbursement Perhaps the easiest way to save money on your electric gate repair is by not having to repair it in the first place.

If you are able to keep up with the necessary preventive maintenance, you can avoid having to do costly repairs, which can save you money in the process.

Always keep the iron on the gate clean, as this can prevent rust from forming and ruining the hinges.

Iron gates can break down quickly if they aren’t kept clean and maintained.

In addition, it is a good idea to keep any electrical components clean and free from debris that could potentially cause issues.

At Royal Gate Company, we can set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your gate is always working properly.

This schedule allows our technicians to identify potential problems before they interfere with your day-to-day life, keeping your gate running smoothly.

2) Use a Licensed Gate Repair Professional

There are many tasks around your home or business that can be handled as a do it your self-project, gate repair is not one of them.
Gate repair professionals are trained and licensed to properly diagnose and fix the many different types of problems that can occur with automatic gates.
What can be a simple fix for a gate repair professional may turn out to be a problem that only gets worse if not handled correctly.
Getting the job done right the first time can save you money and headaches down the road.
Some components of your gate may be under warranty.
Make sure to keep a record of your purchase and warranty information on any gate components.
Also, check with your homeowner’s insurance and warranties to determine if the damage to your gate may be covered.
For instance, if you recently purchased your home and have home warranty coverage, a malfunctioning gate may be covered as a part of your home warranty.
Also similar to a garage door, gates can be involved in car-related accidents, such as if your gate does not open or close properly and hits your car, check with both your homeowner and car insurance to see which covers damage to your car and gate.

Electrical problems that could be causing gates not to work properly include dirty or blocked reflector eyes, a stuck switch, a malfunctioning transmitter, or a broken loop detector.

All of these, as well as, many other items for proper gate functioning are checked as part of our annual regular maintenance program for residential, quarterly for commercial gates, and our monthly industrial gate maintenance plans.

Give us a call at 778 384 2800 with any questions about the maintenance of your automatic gate.

3) Give the Right Information

Prior to calling in a professional to fix your gate, make sure that you have all of the correct information on hand.
First, let the gate repair company know what type of gate you have, as a sliding gate, single swing gate, and double swing gate have different components and, therefore, different needs.
You should also figure out the model and manufacturer of the gate so that the repair company can track down the necessary parts before visiting your home.
Learn which access control components have been installed on the security gate.
This includes multi-code transmitters, loop detectors, and phone systems, which are items that can sometimes break down over time.
All of this information matters when fixing one of these products because it provides the technician with insight into the problem prior to arriving on your property.
Remember, the more information that you can give the technician ahead of time, the more smoothly the repair will go and, hopefully, the less you will pay.
Try to describe the issue as thoroughly as possible when calling for a quote, as this makes it more likely that the quote and the services needed will be accurate.

4) Have It Professionally Installed

Always have your electric gates installed by a professional company because this ensures that it has been put in properly and makes any repairs that become necessary much easier to handle.
If you choose to install a gate on your own and you aren’t trained in this type of job, there is always the chance that you will have done something wrong.
This can make repairs difficult because the technician will have to look for mistakes with the installation prior to fixing what is wrong with the gate.

Overall, you could end up paying more for repairs down the line if you choose to install your gate on your own to save short-term money.

In addition, there is usually a warranty associated with a professional install, which could help with the cost should you need repairs on your gate.

5) Go Local

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Gate Repair are all-important and of course, you get a better result when doing the installation by our team.

You’ll have to pay for travel time if you choose a repair company that is outside of your service area.
This is one reason why it is a good idea to go with a local company, as you won’t have to worry about this travel time at all.
A local company will also be more accessible since you can stop by the office whenever you need to talk to someone.

In the Vancouver, BC area, the only choice is Royal Gate Company.

If you would like to Save Money on Your Automatic Gate Repair give us a call at 778 384 2800 and one of our expert technicians will get started on your residential or commercial gate repair as quickly as possible.

We know electric driveway gates inside and out, ensuring that any issues that you experience won’t last for long.


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