Electric Driveway Gates

Electric Driveway Gates

Domestic and Commercial Electric Driveway Gates are designed, built & installed to suit any application.
Royal Gate is a specialist access control and electric gate company with over 30 years of experience in both the domestic and commercial markets for supplying the highest quality electric gates.
Our experience in the electric gate market engulfs all ranges of automatic gate equipment meaning we can undertake assessments and servicing on your existing system, or alternatively specify a system to suit your requirements.

Installing an Automatic Gate in Richmond

From our initial contact, we will be happy to talk you through all of the considerations for your site access and safety and design a system from the ground up right the way through to installation and commissioning.

Our electric gate systems have the facility to receive opening, closing, and safety commands from all types of access control equipment.

We work with Key Automation, V2, NICE, VDS, and a variety of access systems dependent upon what is required from the system.

Alternatively, we can also integrate time and attendance control including fire roll calls to your site using your access solutions giving you ultimate control over your sites.

If we are asked to automate an existing gate solution we will arrange a survey to inspect the gate to ensure to ensure the gate is mechanically sound and robust enough to be operated electrically.

We operate our technicians to ensure fast response times to callbacks and installations.

Royal Gate is a company based in Vancouver, Canada, and strives to continue to offer the highest quality safest electric gates on the market.

For more information on the installation methods and our previous project regards to electric gates please visit our YouTube channel.

Our electric gate systems can come complete with safety edges to all entrapment points along with photocell safety and where applicable inductive safety loops. This is all assessed during your survey and our gates are designed to have category 3 safety as standard in case there is a change of operational methods to the system and for future proofing, to ensure you are still safe.


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