Can I use my phone as a gate opener?

Can I use my phone as a gate opener?

Yes, you can use your phone as a gate opener.
If you have any plans to add a WiFi gate operator module on your driveway gate to open and close the automated driveway gate by using your cellphone, Royal Electronics Technology Center is the best choice to find the best products.

If you already have a gate opener, there’s no point in buying a new system. All you need to do is to add a smart gate opener module to your installed gate operator system. This module can be programmed with iPhone and Android. You can use your smartphone as a gate operator remote, worldwide.

What kind of ability and material do we need to have for the gate opener WiFi module that could control the driveway gate by using a smartphone?

Absolutely, you need the gate opener WiFi module. And the important thing is the module needs to connect to a 2.4 G strong WiFi signal.
If you do not have a 2.4 G strong WiFi signal beside your driveway gate, you have to have a low-voltage wire connection between your driveway gate to the nearest area that has a strong WiFi signal, such as the garage or storage.
You can install the gate operator WiFi module inside of your house or your garage and by using the low-voltage wires that you have from your driveway gate to that, connect them together.

After installation is finished, you have to download the smart gate operator App on your smartphone, create an account and add the module to the list as a new device.

Use and enjoy!

How to share the gate opener WiFi module with others?

You can use this function for Airbnb! You can share the registered device with your family or trusted friends in the installed App. So, they can open and close the driveway gate by using a smartphone.
They have to download the smart gate operator App on their smartphone and create an account. You can add their username or email to the user list as an administrator.

How to deactivate access to others that we shared the device with them?

You can disconnect their access whenever you want, by using the App on your smartphone.

How many types of smart gate opener modules do you have?

Royal Gates has many different types of gate operator smartphone controllers in storage. One of them comes with a camera and you can at the same time that you operate the gate by using the App, and watch the gate to make sure it going fully closed or opening.

The camera has a 6mm lens and you can install it far away from your driveway gate. You can install the camera on the tree on top of the garage or on your outside storage. The camera that is used for the gate operator WiFi controller, needs to connect to a 2.4 G WiFi signal and plug into a regular 120V electric power.

What is the installation method of a WiFi gate opener controller module?

The instruction for installation is very easier than you imagine.
If you would like to do it by yourself, you can visit our website and submit your order.
If you have any questions regarding the installation process or any future issues, feel free to contact us and connect with one of our experienced technicians.

If you would like to buy the gate operator WiFi module to be installed by one of our technicians, check the steps below:

Please make sure that you have a strong 2.4 G WiFi signal at the gate


A low-voltage wire connection between the driveway gate operator’s main control box,

to the nearest spot that has a strong wifi signal and electric power.

Send some pictures from your installed gate opener system to us by using text message or email.

By clicking on the *get a free estimate* that is shown on our website,

submit your request and let us know your availability dates and times to get our service.


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