Auto-opened the Automatic driveway gates

Auto-opened the Automatic driveway gates!

Fortunately, the Auto-opened Automatic driveway gates issue is very rare, but sometimes automatic gates can open suddenly on their own without anyone having pressed the button of the remote control that moves the leaves.
One of the apparently mysterious and inexplicable situations that can occur is gates and garage doors that open autonomously all the way.

There’s no need to resort to aliens or various kinds of conspiracy theories since Royal Gate’s technicians will guide you in searching for the most probable causes behind these inconveniences which, however, can be a cause for concern. How is this possible?

We can identify some of the main causes that make a gate open autonomously.

The garage door remote control or the driveway gate fobs

The simplest reason, and actually the most underestimated one, has to do with the remote control being in somebody’s pocket: this explains why the buttons are pressed inadvertently, causing the gate or door to open without being triggered voluntarily. This observation may seem banal, but it reflects situations that actually occur.
Also, sometimes the remote control button may be damaged, and by a little shake, send a signal to open the driveway gate.

The access control intercom system

The second often neglected reason is actually more complex from a technical point of view and can occur, for example, when there is an intercom associated with the automation unit’s opening. In this case, for example, the wires could be too old, or perhaps they pass through a manhole with a high degree of humidity. Consequently, the gate could open on its own without any apparent reason. Another situation, always linked to the malfunctioning of the intercom, has to do with the gate’s opening button, if it jams or fails to work properly, it could send false signals also to the automation unit.

Need for maintenance

Another very frequent case that could lead to this type of problem (Auto-opened the Automatic driveway gates) is the build-up of dirt, leaves, insects, or others behind the main control board that is located on the gate operator’s control panel. In sliding gate openers, it is in the gate operator box side of the gate motor, and in swing gate openers it is in the main box that is usually installed on the side of the driveway gate post.

It is highly likely that in similar circumstances the driveway gate can evidence unusual behavior, such as opening on its own. Regular periodic maintenance can prevent these circumstances: the technician will know how to intervene and which checks to perform to make the automation unit work optimally at all times.

Radio interferences

Another possibility, which is highly remote but which must be included for intellectual honesty, is radio interference.

Some believe that the notorious radio interference triggers the gate to open on its own, but in actual fact, the circuit boards for automatic gates must comply with certain European standards on immunity from radio interferences which actually prevent the circuit board from being controlled by an unauthorized radio signal. To nonetheless prevent these inconveniences, it would be advisable – before proceeding with the memorization of the remote controls – to reset the circuit board’s memory. Also in this case the installer’s intervention is always necessary.

The key-operated switch

The key-operated switch is one of the main causes of these abnormal behaviors. The problem does not concern the selector in itself, but rather the condensate that can form inside the small box that contains it. The most common reason though is always due to dirt, as well as insects or leaves that may build up. For these reasons and given that the selector can lead to random openings, it should be regarded as one of the first checks to perform in these circumstances.

In general, to sum up, the situation, 90% of the time it is an external cause that causes the automation unit to open:

1- A jammed intercom button;
2- A short-circuit of the wires of a start control;
3- A broken, damp, or dirty key-operated control;
4- A remote control with a defective button;
5- An insect behind the control unit.
In short, these are all causes that do not depend on a fault of the main control unit.


It’s worthwhile remembering that when a gate opens without any button having been specifically pressed, be it off the intercom or the remote control, it is important to search for an external cause among those mentioned above and only later check the control unit.

The intervention of an expert technician will nonetheless allow for identifying a cause with certainty so that the fault can be repaired and the electric gate restored to full efficiency.

Royal Electronics Technology Center Co (Royal Gates) using the best gate automation technicians can repair the driveway gate operators. Our main service area is in Vancouver BC Canada.

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If your location is out of the BC, you can send some pictures from your driveway gate, and the operator by text message or email and call us to get our technician’s suggestions to resolve the issue on your driveway gate opener. We hope to help you repair your driveway gate over the phone!


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