Chamberlain (Orange Button 1977-2005 390MHz)

Chamberlain (Purple Button 2005-Current 315MHz)

Chamberlain (Green Button 1993-1996390MHz)

Chamberlain (Yellow Button 2011-Current 310/315/390MHz)

Chamberlain (9 Code Switch 1990-1992 390MHz)

Chamberlain (9 Code Switch 1983-1989 315MHz)

Chamberlain (8 Code Switch 390MHz)

Chamberlain (7 Code Switch 390MHz)

Genie Overhead Door (Intellicode 2005-Current 315MHz)

Genie Overhead Door (Intellicode 1995-Current 390MHz)

Genie (12 Code Switch 1985 390MHz)

Genie (9 Code Switch 390MHz)

Stanley (Security Code 1998-Current 310MHz)

Stanley Multi-Code (10 Code Switch 310MHz)

Wayne Dalton (Rolling Code 1999-Current 372.5MHz)

Linear (MegaCode 1997-Current 318MHz)

Linear Multi-Code (10 Code Switch 300MHz)

Linear Moor-O-Matic (8 Code Switch 310MHz)

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 cm


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