Sliding gate automation usually only includes one gate.

This single slide gate is wider than the width of your driveway. It slides to one side of the drive opening on wheels that run along a track.

A single electric gate opener is mounted to one side of the drive entrance. The motor is positioned so that a cog on the motor’s output shaft meshes with a toothed rack mounted along the inside of the gate. Therefore, as the electric gate motor turns, the cog rotates in the rack and draws the gate along.

A sliding gate opens along a length of straight gate track more than twice the width of the driveway. This starts at the pillar or gate post on one side of the opening and crosses the drive past the opposite pillar. The track is long enough for the gate to slide along to completely clear the drive entrance.

Are Sliding Gates The Best Choice?

Sliding gates are ideal where space for swing gates to open into the driveway is limited. If the driveway bends, cars are parked near the gates, or plants in the garden or the house are too close, swing gates will hit them as they swing open.

Additionally, sliding gates are the perfect alternative to swing gates where a driveway runs uphill onto your property. This prevents swing gates from opening as they will hit the ground as they open onto the rising drive.

However, sliding gates shouldn’t be used where the driveway slopes across the entrance. This means that the gate is sliding uphill one way and downhill in the opposite direction. As gravity will try to pull it downhill and resist its movement uphill, the sliding electric gate opener is put under extra stress.

If you have a short driveway, you have a lot of cars parked on it or it curves or rises towards the house, sliding gate automation systems might be the best choice for you.

Sliding gates are best where space is limited, and a sliding gate doesn’t need space on your driveway.

If you already have an installed sliding driveway gate and would like to install a sliding gate operator on your driveway gate, please send some pictures to us.
We have many different brands, models, types, and capacities of sliding gate openers in Royal Gate’s storage.
To get an estimate with our best recommendations, we have to know some basic information about your driveway gate design and dimensions. It is too important to choose a heavier gate opener if your driveway has slop.
You can contact us to get any information that you may need regarding your inquiry and accessories that you may need. Our experienced installers and technicians are ready to help you to repair and install your driveway gate operator.

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