• NO/NC
  • AC 10-30 V / DC 10-40 V
  • Receiving Range: 25 Meters
  • IP 54

WARNING – for the safety of people, it is important to follow these instructions and save them for future use.

Read the instructions carefully before starting installation. The design and manufacture of the devices making up the product and the information contained in this manual comply with safety regulations. However, wrong installation and programming may cause serious physical injury to those who perform the work and those who will use the device. For this reason, during installation, it is important to carefully follow all instructions in this manual.

Warning: any use other than the one described, and carried out under environmental conditions other than the ones described in this manual, is to be considered improper and prohibited.


Preliminary checks

Before installing this product, verify and check the following steps:
• Make sure that the surface where the device is going to be secured is solid and does not allow vibration
• Use electrical connections suitable for the electric requirements
• Verify that the power supply complies with the technical characteristics

Assembly Description

Prepare for the passing of the cables
• Open the cover of the photocells with the help of a screwdriver
• Secure the base to the wall using the screws provided
• Proceed with the required wiring following the electric diagram for the photocell connection
• Check the alignment of the transmitter and receiver making sure that the led “L” of the receiver
remains continuously on
• Select the desired typology for the OUT contact
• Mount the cover with the infrared screen
• Verify J3: Contact normally closed NC (by factory default) – Contact normally open NO


Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 8 cm


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