Sliding Gates

If space is on the driveway behind the gates on a steep incline, a better option would be a sliding gate.
Sliding gates are also very popular in a commercial environment.
Sliding gates can be with the regular mechanism (two wheels on the ground) and the cantilever mechanism.
The regular sliding gates need more attention and cleaning. The wheels and rollers have to be checked and lubricated with grease every 6 months as well as the V-track that is mounted on the ground must be clean from rust, Ice, and snow, before use.
Cantilever sliding gates do not touch the driveway ground and they do not need much maintenance. But it needs 1/3 more space in the back of the driveway, to roll into the back, in the opening.
The sliding telescopic gates are great if do not have enough space to slide to the side.

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