Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic Sliding Gates

Designed & manufactured for sites requiring the ultimate secure boundary

What is an Automatic Sliding Gate?

Royal Gate Automatic Sliding Gates are provided on sites requiring a combination of high security and operational efficiency. A tracked system is ideally suited on level entrances, a track is encased in a continuous concrete foundation. The gate runs on two or more rollers.

Automatic sliding gates are ideal for:
-High-security sites
-HGV Car parks
-Car & Caravan Storage
-Security storage depots

Made to your requirements & measurements
Various infills available
Single or double leaf available
Advanced automation & safety devices are available

Royal Gate can also manufacture, supply and install cantilever sliding gates.

A member of the Royal Gates team will be happy to meet with you at your site to discuss your exact requirements. Our experienced surveyors will discuss your options, along with any issues that you may need to take into consideration for your project.

If space is on the driveway behind the gates on a steep incline, a better option would be a sliding gate.
Sliding gates are also very popular in a commercial environment.
Sliding gates can be with the regular mechanism (two wheels on the ground) and the cantilever mechanism.

The regular sliding gates need more attention and cleaning. The wheels and rollers have to be checked and lubricated with grease every 6 months as well as the V-track that is mounted on the ground must be clean from rust, Ice, and snow, before use.
Cantilever sliding gates do not touch the driveway ground and they do not need much maintenance. But it needs 1/3 more space in the back of the driveway, to roll into the back, in the opening.
The sliding telescopic gates are great if do not have enough space to slide to the side.

Once we have conducted a survey, our experienced team can design a system that meets your needs.
If you have any plans to install an automatic driveway gate, call us now.


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