3 Things You Need to Know About a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are a very convenient and useful home feature to have. But when is it time to buy a new one? And what do you need to know about getting a garage door opener installed?

Here are three of the most important things to know about garage door openers and their installation process.

1. Reasons you may need a new garage door opener installation

First of all, here are some reasons why it may be time to have a garage door opener installed for you:

  • your garage door opener is 10 years old or older
  • your garage door opener does not have the convenient features of modern garage door openers
  • your garage door opener is too noisy and loud
  • you are worried about how safe your garage door opener is
  • there are mechanical issues with your garage door opener which affects its reliability

    2. Your garage door opener doesn’t  do much of the lifting process

    Residential garage door openers may have ½ or ⅓ horsepower motors. You may be surprised to know that a garage door opener doesn’t actually do most of the opening and closing of your garage door. The garage door’s springs handle the bulk of the work.

    It’s imperative that these springs are properly adjusted during your garage door opener installation. Garage doors are heavy – they’re likely your home’s biggest mechanical device. Without the correct door spring tension, your opener motor will have a much shorter lifespan.

    3. Leave a garage door opener installation to the experts

    garage door opener
    garage door opener

    Even for those that are mechanically inclined, a garage door opener installation should be approached with plenty of caution. Adjusting a garage door’s springs without expert knowledge poses the risk of serious injury.

    A garage door opener installation also requires knowledge of areas such as electrical wiring, knowing how much horsepower is required for certain door weights, and ensuring all safety measures work properly. Our experts can take care of all aspects of your garage door opener installation.

    Need one?contact us.

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