4 Things you can add to your Automatic Gate System to Increase Security

4 Things you can add to your automatic gate system to increase security

An automatic gate system offers fantastic security and privacy for both commercial and domestic properties. Not only that, they may help to increase the value of a property, as the prospect of increased security and privacy is very appealing to many.

Yet it’s possible to make an automatic gate system even more secure. You can add several things to your gate system to further enhance it, making your home or business even more secure!

1. Security Camera

A security camera can be easily installed on your automatic gate, and it’s one of the most effective security measures to add. CCTV acts as a notable preventative to any would-be intruders, as not many want to be identified when trying to trespass onto your premises.

Furthermore, you can view the footage from the camera to see if there is anyone there that shouldn’t be. Should anyone attempt a crime, such as trespassing, you will have evidence to take to the authorities.

2. Alarm System

Even the most robust automatic gate systems might not put off an intruder or vandal, in which case it helps to have a good alarm system installed. There are various types of alarms that can be added, such as a silent alarm that notifies you of an issue, or a warning beacon that can be used to scare off anyone attempting to break through or climb the gate.

3. Electronic Lock

To make an automatic gate even more secure, consider adding an electronic locking system. If you already have a basic lock, it may be worth adding a newer, more advanced security lock for increased protection.

For example, a keypad lock offers quality security and is suitable for unmanned gates, as it allows restricted access to those you want. This is especially useful in workplaces with no security personnel manning their gates.

4. Smartphone Control

Many automatic gate installers have seen the potential of smartphones to increase security. This type of feature is ideal for remote control access, allowing you to see who is at the gate (providing it’s connected to a camera) and to open or lock the gate from your phone.

As a result, you can always monitor your gate from a remote location, taking any security precautions you may see fit – such as contacting the police about a potential security threat.

Plus, you can also let yourself in from your car using your phone, making it that much more convenient!

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