Automatic security gates

You are returning from the supermarket and your hands are full. You reach the security gate, how are you going to open it with your hands full? You decide to put some bags down, but the gates seem to have been opened by magic!

Are you here? What is unusual? Has a soul opened gates for you? Do you believe that this is a miracle given by science and technology?

True. These gates, called automatic gates, are opened and closed with the help of simple technology, and not magically. But they are fun and it looks just a little magical. If you want to pretend they are magical, we will not tell anyone!

Automatic gates have very useful goals, which is why you can find them in many different types of places. Supermarkets, airports and many other types of large buildings, automatic gates allow people to get inside and out of the building. They are especially useful for people with disabilities!


Installing automatic gates help save energy! Like for example, you don’t need to keep on the engine of your vehicle, get out to open or close the gate with your hands. Also,

during this time, you might risk getting your vehicle stolen!

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